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NATIONAL YOUTH JUSTICE TRAINING (NYJT) accepting applications now through April 15
Boston, Mass., June 30–July 21, 2013
The UU College of Social Justice is offering our NYJT Program, NYJT transformative three-week experience for high-school-aged youth. Apply through our online application,

Are You Ready for Leadership School?
UULTI – the UU Leadership Team Institute is back with 2 offerings this summer – UULTI by the Lake July 31-August 4 in Cananadagua, NY and UULTI on the Hudson August 14-18 in Stoney Brook, NY. Youth can explore their leadership skills at Goldmine Youth Leadership School West, July 31-August 4 also in Canandagua, NY or Goldmine Youth Leadership School East, August 20-24 in Stoney Brook, NY. Details can be found at or