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We are a welcoming, urban congregation that puts Unitarian Universalism into action by celebrating life, nourishing the spirit, and inspiring a commitment to justice. Join us every Sunday for worship, for sharing from the heart, for growing a soul.

Seasons change, but the life, the spirit, the commitment, and the love are always with us. This is a great place to grow a soul, to reach deep within, to reach out in communion, and to reach out together to bring more love and life and spirit and justice to the world.

This church has been loving the hell out of this neighborhood for over 100 years. We worship together every Sunday because sharing “moments of eternity” brings deeper meaning to and inspires a more profound experience of the rest of life. Some find these moments in the shared silence. Others in the words or music. Others through simply being with one another, breathing with one another, speaking, meditating, shedding tears, sharing hearts, listening, and opening to one another and to the larger reality of which we are merely a brief, though spectacular, part.

The more we experience these divine moments together, the more we notice and even cultivate them outside the worship experience and create the kind of life we choose, the kind of life worth living.

At Allegheny, we invite you to come as you are and become who you are inspired to be!