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Second Sunday PrayerSong offers a more than usually contemplative worship experience of word, song, and lots of stillness. Not the pure silence of the mountain monastery, but the stillness of an inner-city church where we welcome as part of the experience the street noises, creaking pews or bones, and wiggly, crying babies (as Rev Dave says, if there’s not a fussy child in worship it doesn’t count and we’d have to do it all over again anyway). So it won’t be the typical “hymn-sermon-hymn sandwich.” But it will nourish your soul if you let it. Each reading, each time of stillness, each song, each moment all are invitations to live as deep and wide as you allow yourself. Some of the chants and songs will be familiar. Others we’ll be growing into as we sing them. And we’ll sing them not a prescribed number of times, rather, as usual, we’ll sing them until they’re fully sung. Respond to the readings, respond to the music, respond to your open mind and big heart throughout the worship experience by writing or drawings in the Congregational Journal—found on the table in the back— at any time you are moved to do so as the singing and reading and stillness continue and as PrayerSong takes you as far as you’re willing to go.