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As part of our commitment to Environmental Justice, we purchase our electricity from renewable sources. You can do the same… and support the church by following directions below. For everyone that switches to Viridian’s Green Energy under Allegheny UU Church, Viridian will make a monthly residual donation to the church.

To all our supporters:

The church has signed-up with Viridian Energy to participate in their Renewable Green Energy Initiative that:

  • Supports a cleaner, healthier environment!
  • Can save you money on your electric bill!
  • Supports Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church!

Here is how it works:

  • Sign up for 20% renewable energy at lower rates than Duquesne Light, or choose 100% wind energy for a slightly higher rate.
  • The local utility will continue to send just one bill.
  • You keep the same service from their utility company.
  • No long-term contract. Just month-to-month.
  • No credit check for under 5,000 kWh.
  • No cancellation fee.
  • The only difference is Viridian’s name and low rate are listed on the bill.

It’s FREE to sign- up…Make the switch today by following the guidelines below. (Takes about 2 minutes)

  1. Log onto:
  2. Click on:  “Become a Customer”
  3. Find your utility:  Enter zip code for your residence
    1. Click on your utility company
    2. Account Class (Residential)
    3. Rate Plan (20% Everyday Green) or (100% Pure Green)
    4. Enter your account information exactly as it appears on your electric bill
    5. Confirm all your information:  Enter email and phone number
    6. Type in your e-signature

That’s it! Thanks so much for considering this way of supporting the planet and your church. And don’t forget, anybody can make the switch and support the work of Allegheny!