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Candles burning at night

Unimaginable. Terrifying. Our hearts are indeed broken. On Sunday, December 16th, we gathered to share in a grieving circle to honor the children and adults killed in Newtown, CT this week, and to share in the unfolding creation of a beloved community of compassion and hope.

As a congregation that serves in one of the city’s killing fields, we have a particularly keen awareness of the devastation that gun violence can visit on a community. We open our doors and open our hearts to one another and to those most directly affected by gun violence in Connecticut, in our neighborhood, and in our country.

These horrifying events will call for action, yes; indignation, certainly; reflection on some of the uglier aspects of our culture, of course; but the unspeakable must also be met by a deep communion of prayer, tears, and silence.

If you didn’t have a chance to join us for the grieving circle but would like to share your thoughts with our community, email us and we’ll post them here.