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Summit Against Racism logoThe Summit Against Racism, a multicultural initiative of the Black & White Reunion, is an opportunity to learn more about racism, and a forum for healing trauma, building community, and inspiring action. The 2018 event will be the 20th gathering, held annually following Jonny Gammage’s 1995 death during a traffic stop. There will be many members and friends of the church going as presenters and as attendees. Here are a few of the workshops being offered:

Join the Coalition for Racial Justice in Media
Presenters: Khalid Raheem, Shanon Williams, Dr. Letrell Crittenden, Mila Sanina

Building Power: Addressing Racism and Trauma in Pittsburgh’s Immigrant Communities
Presenters: Kim Dinh, Antonia Domingo, Mana Aliabadi, Monica Ruiz, Vanessa Griffith, Alicia Quebral, Betty Cruz

Can You be White and Woke? The Problem with Well-Meaning White People
Presenters: Brianna Totty, LMFT; Heather Brown, LMFT; Ashley North Cook, LMFT Brianna Totty, Ashley North Cook

The Role of Music in the Fight for Social Justice
Presenters: Phat Man Dee, Liz Berlin, Pastor Deryck Tines, Miguel Sague Jr., Jennifer Saffron

Moving Beyond White Guilt to Insight, Empathy, and Action!
Presenters:  Members of Pittsburgh Friends (Quaker) Meeting and members of the Wrestling with Racism Group (Warren and First United Methodist Churches)

The 2018 Summit Against Racism will be held on January 20, 2018 at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in Highland Park. Learn more at