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The Board of Trustees is initiating a strategic planning process to help create a common vision for our future.  As such, it has developed the below charter for the formation of a Strategic Planning Group.

Strategic Planning Group Charter

as of September 17, 2018

Name: Strategic Planning

Background: The Board of Trustees believes that developing a strategic plan will benefit Allegheny by creating a common vision for our future.

Purpose/Goal: Develop a concise, actionable strategic plan for Allegheny UU that reflects our mission and the vision, with an emphasis on how we become more welcoming, inclusive, and accessible. The plan should identify priority areas and outline short-, mid-, and long-term steps to achieve them.

 Desired Number of Members: 4-6

Chairperson:  Selected by members. Responsibilities include scheduling meetings, logistics, running meetings, ensuring progress on overall plan development, progress reports to Board of Trustees

Facilitator: Terri Hammond. Responsibilities include ensuring agreements on meeting agendas are followed, as well as ensuring overarching progress on plan development.

 Group Member Qualifications:

  • Committed to the future of Allegheny
  • A member in good standing, which means an annual financial contribution of record, regular attendance at services and events
  • Trusted by others
  • Demonstrates healthy communications and conflict management skills

Expectations of Members:

  • Attend and participate fully in meetings
  • Lead some aspect of work (research, writing, input, etc)
  • If cannot attend, inform chair in advance and provide status on action items
  • Commit to Allegheny Leadership Covenant (currently in development)

 Time Commitment and Timeline:

  • Estimated 1-2 hours/week depending on tasks.
  • Ideally focused 6-mo period for development of plan
  • First meeting joint meeting with Board 12pm Oct 28th
  • Monthly updates to board on progress and needed support
  • Update on progress with areas for input at January mid-year meeting
  • Final plan for presentation at May annual meeting

Resources Available:

  • 2017 Congregational Input on Engaging Volunteers
  • 2008-10 Long-Range Planning Background

Group Formation:

  • Communication to begin week of Sept 17th
  • To volunteer, send email to boardexec at by October 7th
  • Board will select final group and inform those who volunteered by October 21st