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Scroll of IsaiahThe sources of Unitarian Universalism run deep and flow wide. Nobody necessarily knows where our free faith will lead as we embark on a new millennium, but we do know that historically our Jewish and Christian religious heritages run deep as any. Our “Six Sources” of Unitarian Universalism articulate it as “Jewish and Christian teachings which call us to respond to God’s love by loving our neighbors as ourselves.” Whether it’s the Decalogue or the Golden Rule or, as the Six Sources indicate, the Great Commandment; we honor Jewish and Christian teachings that focus not on dogmas to spout or Gods to believe in, but on Gods to experience and love, to affirm in and through our lives. So we try to discover in these teachings wisdom for difficult, some might say apocalyptic days.

This year we invite you to reflect with us on how Jewish and Christian teachings might make for more just, more loving, more faithful human beings, and more loving neighbors.

– Rev Dave