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Our Share the Plate Justice Partner for January & February of 2014 is the Centennial Scholarship Program of the American Field Service

We share our offering plate each Sunday by donating half of our cash offerings to a justice partner. Our current recipient is the American Field Service (AFS). AFS began 100 years ago when young Americans volunteered as ambulance drivers during the First and Second World War. Soon after World War II ended these drivers started the student exchange program aimed at fostering respect and understanding between cultures. In 2013 over 13,000 students from 110 countries participated in AFS exchange programs. In 2014 AFS’s “Centennial Global Changemakers Scholarship Program” will offer 100 scholarships to young people who show potential to make positive change in their societies. Walter Brethauer volunteered for the American Field Service in 1942 and served in Africa and Italy until 1945. These years allowed him to see the world and also up close the atrocities of war. Your contribution will help us honor Walt’s service and lifelong commitment to AFS.