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Moving from fear to open-heartedness. The worship experiences this springtime month all explore the spiritual practice of what Einstein called, “Holy Curiosity.” So bring your questions. Bring your broken-open heart. Bring your wildest imagination in the spirit of exploration. Who are we? Where are we going? As an evolutionary process. As a nation. As a people of faith and doubt, stretching beyond our little selves. Who are we being inspired to be? Who are we choosing to become?

Celebrate life. Nourish the spirit. Inspire justice. Every Sunday, 10:30AM, at the big, open heart in the heart of the North Side.

May 5, “Enter the Spirit of Curiosity” — Rev Dave

May 12, “PrayerSong for Curiosity” — Worship Ministry

May 19, “Who Are We Becoming?” — Rev. Deryck Tines + Annual Meeting

May 26, “What Are We Remembering?” — Worship Ministry