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Human biology and neurology have confirmed what ancient wisdom (and, frankly, intuition) has always taught: Healthy individuality is impossible without community. Yet community demands conformity—with some communities demanding more conformity than others. This makes fully human life at best a balancing act. The March-April worship series “Listen 2.0” moves from a rich inner life cultivated by last series’ “Listening Within” to the necessary and more authentic life of “Listening to One Another.” It’s worship that offers the opportunity to imagine what might emerge—personally and communally— from spiritually aware, compassion-centered spaces like this church that encourages interplay between healthy individuality and beloved community.

In this transition time from winter into spring, imagine what might emerge when individuality and community are balanced. Imagine what might emerge from faith in authentic individuals, connecting through deep listening, to create actualized communities empowered to grow a more whole humanity.

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