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Join us on Sunday January 8  at 10:30am as Jim Donovan reflects on on Being Clear and Peaceful Amidst Chaos. Note this is a Sunday morning church service, not a concert or a drum circle, primarily a spiritual setting that may include some drumming. Jim will mostly be speaking but he’s bringing his drums and percussion stuff too so you never know when some drumming may break out, feel free to bring your own drum, shaker, or other rhythm maker!

Greensburg-based Jim is a professional drummer and percussionist, a recording artist, writer, teacher and lecturer. He is best known as one of the founding members of the seminal band Rusted Root. Learn more about Jim and his current projects at

Our focus on Mindfulness continues through the month of January with Rev. David McFarland on Mindful Beloved Community as a Spiritual Practice on January 15, Tony Silvestre on Mindful Meditation/Mindful Living on January 22, and Richard King on Mindful Compassion on January 29.