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Contact your U.S. Senators:

Senator Robert Casey
(202) 224-6324

Senator Patrick Toomey
(202) 224-4254

Key message: Tell Congress that you support the bipartisan proposals to expand background checks to cover all commercial sales, including gun shows and classifieds (S.AMDT. 715/H.R. 1565). Be sure to thank Senator Toomey for being a sponsor of Senate Bill 715. Keep up your efforts to get this legislation passed.


Contact your U.S. Representatives:

Rep. Mike Doyle (district 14)
(202) 225-2135

Rep. Tim Murphy (district 18)
(202) 225-2301

Key message: Support HR 1565 the King-Thompson Background Check Bill. Please get this legislation enacted now.


Contact your PA Representatives:

Rep. Dan Frankel
(412) 422-1774

Rep. Ed Ganey
(412) 361-3692

Key message: Support HB 1010 and any other legislation to reduce gun violence in PA


Connect with local resources and events:

Mayors Against Illegal Guns:
Ms. Estina Baker, Local organizer