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Speaking Across Our Divides Healthy Conflict Workshop

Saturday May 6 from 9am until 12pm

Differing views on social issues, politics, and other concerns divide many of us from those we love and even from those in our own congregations. Too many of us are afraid to even talk to some of our friends or loved ones for fear of starting heated arguments that are destined to go nowhere.

What can we do to bridge this relational divide? Can we learn to speak to one another again across our divisions in this age of easy polarization?

We will draw on the wisdom of comedian Jim Gaffigan, Kid President, a hostage negotiator, and each other as we explore ways to approach our divisions and rebuild relationships.

The morning session is open to all UUs from Greater Pittsburgh congregations.

Please REGISTER HERE for the morning session


Engaging Healthy Conflict: Going Deeper Workshop

May 6 from 1pm until 3:30pm

Following the Speaking Across Our Divides Healthy Conflict Workshop in the morning, during the afternoon we’ll go into more depth on how we engage conflict, including:

– How do we structure to handle conflict at Allegheny. Whose job is it and how do people know?
– How do we deal with anxiety in congregations in times of change
– What are the stages of conflict and how to recognize them
– Learn some basic mediation skills
– How to triage conflict and know when to call for help

The afternoon session is intended for Allegheny UU leaders including the Board of Directors, Committee on Ministry, and Right Relations team. Contact Greg Blackman or Rev. David McFarland if you have questions.

Please REGISTER HERE for the afternoon session


Both workshops are free. Child care will be available. Presented by Rev. Joan Van Becelaere of the UUA’s Central East Region Congregational Life Staff.