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“Every aspect of Nature reveals a deep mystery and touches our sense of wonder and awe.” — Carl Sagan

Throughout December, explore together the great mysteries of the season: healing into life and death, leaning into the dark, discovering divinity within our humanity. God or the Great Mystery was once considered to be in the elements or in the forest or the cave or in some sacred object. Then the more scientific facts we discovered, the further away humanity pushed concepts of God. Now to the clouds. Now to the sky. Now into space. Now to another dimension. At Allegheny, we find God (or what some of us are willing to call “God”) in all of these… and close as heartbeat, as intimate as breath. Through this month’s spiritual focus of “Awe,” share World AIDS Day reflections Sunday the 1st; connect to awe in PrayerSong on the 8th; celebrate the awe of children in your life (and in you) with musical guests, the Rainbow Choir, on Sunday the 15th; sing carols and bring smiles to our senior neighbors on Wednesday the 18th; deck the halls with a “Tree Decoration Communion” Sunday the 22nd; and of course share in a community Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship at 6PM on the 24th.

May you have much to celebrate this season. And if not, take these opportunities to join in community and create or discover a little more awe.