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At the direction of the congregation, volunteers over the 2011-12 church year developed our “Covenant of Right Relations” (CORR) to reflect the congregation’s philosophy that guides the way we choose to relate and interact with one another. The church voted unanimously at the May 20, 2012, Annual Meeting to enter into this covenant.

Now ours is the work to create a living covenant to guide who we want to be and become as together we create what Dr. King called “Beloved Community.” If you are interested in engaging in this work in a Small Group, contact Rev. Dave to join the Covenant Circles.


Covenant of Right Relations

As we seek to build our vision of beloved community, We, the members of Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church, covenant to affirm & promise …

There is Love here.

I will live and embody it.


There is Spirit here.

I will kindle and sustain it.


There is Trust here.

I will build and honor it.


There is Compassion here.

I will embrace and share it.


There is Forgiveness here.

I will give and seek it.


There is Humanity here.

I will accept and celebrate it.


There is Oneness here.

I will recognize and cherish it.


There is Difference here.

I will acknowledge and respect it.


There is Hope here.

I will feed and grow it.


There is Justice here.

I will practice and extend it.


We enter into this Covenant seeking to strengthen our ties to one another and deepen our sense of community.