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The Ohio-Meadville District (OMD) of the UUA has issued their November Chalice Lighter Call to support a soundproofing project of our Founders Hall ceiling!

“Noisy as a middle school gym before a pep rally” is an apt description of Founders Hall at the 100-year-old Allegheny UU Church during fellowship hour after services.

The reverberation of voices bouncing off the ceiling and walls creates a clamor that drowns out the intimacy and spiritual richness of the hour. The noise can be so overwhelming that it makes some voices inaudible – a major challenge when welcoming visitors or hosting community events.

The congregation received a recommendation from an architectural acoustical services company to install affordable, fabric-wrapped, acoustically absorptive panels along the ceiling. The estimated project cost is between $8,000 and $10,000.

Allegheny UU’s central location within Pittsburgh makes it an important location for UU cluster events and community activities. The congregation would like to make greater use of Founders Hall for worship services, assemblies and musical events, as well as traditional Sunday fellowship hour.

Befitting the church’s urban location, the space also hosts a wide variety of community and neighborhood groups, including Narcotics Anonymous, the Mexican War Streets Society, the Allegheny City Central Association, Youth Opportunities Development, and many others. Use of the space is offered at no charge to many community organizations and events.

“Installing acoustic panels offers an opportunity for us to be accessible at the most basic level, so that those who participate in programs and events can at least hear and be heard,” explains Rev. McFarland, who recently returned from a six-month sabbatical and is energizing the congregation for growth.

The Ohio-Meadville District is a 501c(3) organization and donations to the¬†OMD Chalice Lighter’s program may be tax deductible.

Donations via cOMD Rainbow Logoredit card can be made at the OMD website.

Donations via check (made out to OMD Chalice Lighters) can be mailed to:

OMD Chalice Lighters
PO Box 157
St. Clairsville, OH 43950

If you have an interest in providing major financial support for this project, please contact Rev. Joan Van Becalaere at <jvanbecelaere at>.