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As the Halloween-to-New-Years holidays begin, worship turns to what’s among the most ancient of spiritual practices: remembering and celebrating the beloved departed. Following on All Saints Eve on October 31, and All Saints Day on November 1, is the Feast of All Souls, November 2 in the Christian calendar that itself is a reflection of “Samhain” in the European Pagan calendar. In both Christian and Pagan traditions, this is a time to connect to those close to us who have “crossed over.” This Sunday’s worship experience offers a community celebration of the recent- or long-passed dearly departed. Bring a picture, a memento, a favorite baked good, a song, a story, something of a loved one who moved you forward along your spiritual journey. We will be blessing them and our memories of them by building a communal “Altar to All Souls” during worship. Come celebrate the legacy we have received and contemplate the ways our own legacy will inspire others when our time comes. See you at church!