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It’s a thrill to swing on the rope and let go with a great splash into exhilarating waters. A terror and a joy to let go and fly into the next moment. Let go. Release the past. Lean into the future. Live deeply the present. Letting Go.1

A Sufi story credited to Khwaja Ali Ramitani tells of a monkey trap: ripe cherries in the bottom of a vessel with a large enough opening for a monkey’s open hand but small enough to trap the monkey’s clenched fist. As long as the monkey can’t let go, the monkey is trapped.

Spiritual practice empowers us to let go. Nurtured by the past, called by the future, living in the eternal now.

Part of being empowered to let go includes having the right allies around and standing on your side, there to be with you as you let go into the new, the unknown. Spiritual practice and spiritual community provide the roots and wings to let go and live in the present.

The spiritual value of letting go is in both the “letting” and the “go.” Let the past be past. Go create a better future. This is the way to live. Not forever. But for now, fully present, fully alive.