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Are you spiritual, but not religious? We celebrate and affirm life and love, and we heal hurt and malaise in this vibrant multicultural world we share. In Vespers, we value and celebrate all people including, but not limited to, LGBTQIA and straight people. ALL who seek more love and justice are welcome.

Allegheny Vespers invites you to create First-Sunday-of-the-month Vespers worship experience. These experiences will be based on the principle of a multicultural “centering of the margins,” listening to the spirit and the voices from outside the mainstream.

In good, non-supremacist practice, this will not be a program created and presented by the professionals. It will be a collaboration. A discovery. A revelation-as-we-go.

May’s First-Sunday Vespers will explore the spiritually rich phenomenon of “creativity.”

And YOU are invited to bring your creativity to Allegheny every Sunday evening this April, 6:00-7:00PM, and be part of creating together the May Vespers.