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Dr DavidW haleyA Talk on “Lifeboat Communities” by Dr. David Whaley
Sunday, April 26, 1pm – 3pm

Allegheny member Dr. David Whaley leads a presentation and discussion on the increasingly alarming state of environmental affairs and the concept and lessons of “Lifeboat Communities”, which some believe may be necessary to survive coming challenges to human existence on our planet.

Dr. Whaley believes that the media are not telling us – and have actually suppressed – the most alarming scientific aspects around climate change and global warming. He will discuss the global population explosion, rising ocean levels, population displacement, human impacts, and the direness of our present situation.

Eco-villages or lifeboat communities are a potential survival strategy if the worst predictions of looming ecological disaster prove true. Dr. Whaley will share lessons from the experiences of successful, intentional communities designed around new ways of living together and on this planet.

There will be a lunch preceding the talk from noon until 12:30pm, please RSVP to 412-322-4261.