Music is vital to our mutual worship experience. And to our individual spiritual lives – we are truly singing for our lives! The primary expressions of music happen for us on Sunday mornings through congregational singing. We use the hymnbooks published by the Unitarian Universalist Association, Singing The Living Tradition and Singing the Journey, and other sources. We fit in as much singing as we can every Sunday!


Featured Musicians

In addition to our congregational musicians and choir, we are fortunate to have a lineup of outstanding regular and guest musicians that lead music and singing. On Sundays you might find Jesse Landis-Eigsti, Tom Roberts, Kris Rust, Brad Yoder, Robbert Bricker, or The New Recovery with us for worship.


First Wednesday Song Circle

For all those interested in gathering and making music together for the joy and community of song, Allegheny’s sanctuary will be open on the first Wednesday of each month 7:30-9pm for any and all. Bring your voices, fiddles and other instruments. We’ll mainly use the Singing the Living Tradition and Singing the Journey hymnals, and there’s always room for more. Learn new stuff. Sing and play the tried & true. Have fun. Make connections. And maybe work up something to share during worship some Sunday. Contact <music at>.


Sing in the “Allegheny Voices” Choir

Use your voice as an instrument for making music in community and get to know others for whom music is the ultimate expression of worship. We require that you have passion, talent or experience is optional. Choir rehearsals happen on some Wednesday evenings and some Sunday mornings. Talk to Rev. Dave if you would like to share your musical gifts.


Play in the “Allegheny Sounds” Instrumental Ensemble

We can’t explain the statistical improbability of having so many ukelele players in one church! Help us fill the group out with other instruments and sounds. We require that you have passion, talent or experience is optional. Rehearsals happen when folks are so moved or when a service performance is upcoming.  Talk to Rev. Dave if you would like to share your musical gifts.



We utilize our sanctuary for occasional music programs and community concerts. For many years we hosted the DownUnder Coffeehouse which held monthly shows in Founders Hall.



The church organ is a documented Carnegie donation dating from 1914. Records of the Estey Organ Company (Brattleboro, Vermont), show that this organ, Opus 1279, was built for the North Side Unitarian Church. At the time that the instrument was designed, the pipe organ superintendent at Estey was William E. Haskell, a well-known organ builder and developer of innovative stops. The small, eight-rank instrument has two manual and a pedal. The tubular pneumatic action is typical of Estey organs. The organ is not currently in operational condition.

The Steinway Grand piano ante-dates the church by seventeen years, having been built in 1893. It was presented to the congregation in the 1960s by the estate of former Church organist Mary Sundholm.