Worship is central at Allegheny, and happens every Sunday at 10:30am, year-round. Most feature our called minister Rev. Dave in the pulpit. Some weeks we’ll hear from lay members of the congregation, maybe from a community leader or justice partner, or from another minister or religious professional. Who’s speaking this week? Well we say “Come Anyways!”. But if you really need to know check out Upcoming Worship Services.

We follow a regular Order of Worship that may look pretty familiar to you. We may do some things differently that you’ve never seen at church. We’ll light a chalice, talk about our joys and sorrows, and about the spirit of life. We’ll sing a lot and make music together. You’ll hear a sermon and we’ll pass a collection plate. Yes we talk about Unitarian Universalism but you’ll also hear about Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Humanism, Atheism, Earth-centered Spirituality, Paganism, and other religions and traditions. It’s all good. We may laugh – more than once. Afterwards we’ll hang around and talk, and hopefully get to know each other a bit.

You are invited no matter what you believe, where you normally worship, or how you feel about God or spirituality. Come no matter how you’re dressed or what kind of mood you’re in. Come, especially, if you need to – if you need to feel the support of a community, the touch of a gentle hand, or the warmth of our flame.

All are welcome. We are a Welcoming Congregation.

Families and children of all ages are welcome. You can read more about Religious Education for Children and Youth.

For a few years now we have been singing “Compassionate Eyes” as our closing song. Lyrics by by Linda Allen:

May my hands do the work I was sent here to do
May my ears know the truth from the lies
May my voice speak for justice, may I walk unafraid
May I see through compassionate eyes

Amen. Go in peace.