Board of Trustees Officers Selected

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The new Board of Trustees has met and selected officers.  It’s members are:  Mark Tomlinson, President; Liz Dell, Vice-President;  Donald Zeilman, Clerk;  Mac McMahon, Treasurer;  Matt Merriman-Preston;  Jane Schwarz; Gail  Ward.

Share the Plate Tops $11,000 for Justice Partners

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As part of our commitment to social justice, we donate half of our Sunday offering to a justice partner. Beginning in July, we will move from a quarterly share the plate partner to a bi-monthly partner. This will enable us to support six organizations each year. To date, the Share the Plate program has raised $11,617.

Share the Plate History

Jefferson Recreation Center – $1,107
Dreams of Hope – $1,470

Mission Vision – $1,220
PIIN – $1,119
Northside Common Ministries Food Pantry – $1,050
Phoenix Witness Project – $1,052

Appalachian Voices – $1,266
Pittsburgh Travelers Aid – $700
Northside Common Ministries – $1,200
Jeron Cares – $1,008

Jeron Cares – $425

What do UU want to know?

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In his sermon on July 21, Rev. Dave will be addressing questions YOU ask and responding to thoughts You have or whatever YOU want to know about Unitarian Universalism as practiced at Allegheny. Please use the cards found on the display table in the Emerson (fireside) Room. The fun, the serious, the frivolous, the deeply theological… all will be considered! Let your imagination and your curiosity run wild and find what Rev. Dave comes up with on Sunday, July 21.

Q2 Share the Plate Partner: Jefferson Rec Center

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This quarter’s Share the Plate recipient is the Jefferson Recreation Center’s Summer Youth Program which will provide field trips and special programs over the summer months. We share our plate with Jeff Rec this quarter in support of their important work and we ask that you give generously so that we – and they – may accomplish more.

Spaghetti Dinner and Talent Show a Success

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Allegheny’s Stewardship Committee hosted the highlight of Allegheny’s Spring social calendar, the Spaghetti Dinner and Talent Show. Charlie and Greg cooked up a sumptuous spaghetti dinner and members brought delicious and decadent desserts. Chris MC’d with style, and behind the scenes many folks organized and cleaned up. Most importantly, many members and friends shared their voices and talents for an evening of fun and togetherness, celebrating our wonderful community.

Vanderbilt University Students Visit

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We were happy to host 12 undergrads from Vanderbilt University during March for their “Alternative Spring Break” program. Their mission coincides with part of our mission: to bring more justice. They’ve chosen a neighbor service organization, Gwen’s Girls, as their site to support this year. After reading our website and determining we might be a good fit, they reached out to us as a place where they could sleep and cook their meals. (The YMCA provided showers. Thanks, Bill!)

Stay Connected to Justice

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The church has an e-mail group specifically for social-justice related topics. To join, send us a “Sign me up!” e-mail.


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Hello –

Back in 2010 when we had such a snowy January and February the Worship Team spent some time discussing winter weather and how to handle. We said we’d share with the congregation yearly which I’m not sure we’ve done or needed to do since. But with snow falling gently outside right now, and some accumulation predicted overnight, here’s an outline so you have a better idea what to expect tomorrow.

The main thing to know is that the 10:30am worship service will NOT be cancelled – tomorrow or any Sunday. There are a few reasons for this. The first is that even if we wanted to cancel there will inevitably be folks who leave home and arrive to church and wouldn’t be fair to those folks to change things up. Second, on any given Sunday there will be folks who need to be in community together, or to share a heavy Joy or Sorrow, for whom having a service may be really important, or even life and death. Third, with our urban location in a walkable neighborhood during severe weather we actually tend to get more neighbors walking over for service who aren’t up for travelling to their home church but are looking for a place to worship.

So tomorrow – and every Sunday – there will be a service. In 2010 we had two Sundays where we held intimate fireside style services in the Emerson Room, and people showed up on cross-country skis. If the weather means that speakers, musicians, etc, can’t make it, then the service format may be a little different. But we’ll still be there for anyone who can make it! And we’ll make sure the sidewalks are shoveled and steps are cleared and you can get in and out of the building safely.

With that said, we understand that everyone is coming from different parts of town, and that roads or travel snafus may be enough to keep you home on some days. We certainly want you to evaluate the trip from your home to the North Side and make sure your personal safety is primary in your decision.

If we have updates to share we’ll post them to the Allegheny website so check there for the latest.

So enjoy the beauty of a winter storm tonight! I don’t know about you but I find shoveling snow to be a great spiritual practice. And hope to see you at Allegheny on Sunday.

Mark Tomlinson
President, Board of Trustees
Allegheny UU Church

Guest at Your Table Contributions

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If you haven’t done so already, please participate in the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee’s Guest at Your Table tradition by making a donation to support our denomination’s human rights work in the United States and around the world. Learn more about the program. Allegheny UU Church is a UUSC Banner Society, an acknowledgment we get for having so many members give to UUSC’s efforts. You can bring your check to church next Sunday, or if you make a donation directly to UUSC, please note “Allegheny UU Church” on your check so it counts toward our congregation’s overall giving. Thank you for your commitment to supporting a more just world!

Powering Dreams of Hope through Share the Plate

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Our new Share the Plate partner for Q1 2013 will be Dreams of Hope. Through the power of the arts, Dreams of Hope provides the region’s LGBT and allied youth a welcoming environment to grow in confidence, express themselves and develop as leaders. Their creative contributions educate audiences, build awareness and increase acceptance. We share our plate (one half of our cash offerings collected on Sunday morning) with Dreams of Hope this quarter in support of their important work and as an extension of our commitment to being a Welcoming congregation.

To learn more, visit