Share the Plate

Through giving away some of our Offering or plate each Sunday we are changing our culture from one of scarcity into one of abundance and generosity. We still keep some to support our own needs and mission. But we give away an equal amount to a justice partner selected for the important work they are doing. This sharing of our gifts has become a cornerstone of our social justice program and has greatly increased our impact on the world outside of our walls.

With your generous support since 2010 we have collected and disbursed $36,276 to 47 justice partners.

Do you know a worthy organization or project? Send your partner suggestions to: <sharetheplate at>.

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Share the Plate History



SisTersPGH is a transgender/nonbinary centered shelter transitioning program based in Pittsburgh, PA. SisTersPGH offers outreach, accurate trans/nonbinary education, advocacy, and emergency sheltering for trans/nonbinary youth and adults, with the primary goal of establishing permanent low income housing for people transitioning out of emergency shelters.

Jefferson Recreation Center or “Jeff Rec” is the only city rec center on the North Side and provides educational programs and recreational opportunities for neighborhood youth. Our support will go toward providing summer field trips and snacks to keep bellies happy during the summer months. 

Gwen’s Girls works to empower girls and young women to have productive lives through holistic, gender-specific programs, education and experiences, and offers a safe space where girls and young women can form relationships, build self-esteem and gain resiliency.

The Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network (PIIN), a network of congregations and organizations committed to drawing together people of faith to act powerfully on local and regional issues of justice and fairness. Through community-building, working with politicians and policy makers, direct action, and negotiation, PIIN works to transform our communities.



Bend the Arc: Pittsburgh. Bend the Arc is part of a national movement of tens of thousands of progressive Jews that believes in the beautiful but unfulfilled promise of this country as a land of opportunity, justice, and equality for all. In the face of racism, inequality, and the politics of fear, we are asked to rise up with courage to act boldly for justice, believing that together we have the power to transform this country.

Northside Common Ministries offers vital support and resources to neighbors in need including the Northside Community Food Pantry and the Pleasant Valley Men’s Shelter.

Casa San Jose is a community resource center in Beechview that advocates for and empowers immigrants from Latinxs by promoting integration and self-sufficiency. Founded in 2014, it has grown to become a go-to source of support to help underserved Latinx immigrants access the assistance and services they need, including interpretation, case management, and protection for immigrants at risk of deportation.

The Unitarian Universalist Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Network leverages the commitment and skills of over 6,000 UUs and 40 UU congregations in Pennsylvania to raise a loud and effective voice for social justice issues and corresponding legislation in Harrisburg.

Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (or BLUU) and the UUA’s The Promise and the Practice of Our Faith campaign was our opportunity to take the lead as a faith denomination in addressing our history of upholding white supremacy. Together, we collectively work to dismantle it and amend a long broken promise to the Black Lives within our Association through The Promise and the Practice of Our Faith. And we’re pleased to report that we met the $10-per-member matching grant that means we doubled the impact of our faithful giving.



2018 Summit Against Racism – The Summit Against Racism works to bridge Pittsburgh’s racial divide and move people to fight for racial justice. 2018 was the 20th gathering, held annually following Jonny Gammage’s 1995 death during a traffic stop.

The Young Men and Women’s African Heritage Association (YMWAHA) provides cultural, arts, and education programs geared towards empowering school age children and their families.



CeaseFirePA is working to reduce gun violence and gun tragedies in our communities, stop the flow of illegal guns onto our streets, and keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them.











  • December 2010-March 2011  – Jeron Cares – $1,434