Share the Plate

Our Share the Plate program began in 2010 and has given away more than $25,000 since. Through giving away our “plate” we are changing our culture from one of scarcity into one of abundance and generosity. Offerings have doubled since we began. We still keep some to support our own needs and mission. But we give away an equal amount – half of our cash offerings each Sunday – to a justice partner selected for the important work they are doing. It has become a cornerstone of our social justice program and has greatly increased our impact on the world outside of our walls.

Do you know a worthy organization or project? Send your justice partner suggestion to: <sharetheplate at>.

Want to make a donation that we will share with our current justice partner? Go to our Donate page.


Current Justice Partner

The Young Men and Women’s African Heritage Association (YMWAHA) provides cultural, arts, and education programs geared towards empowering school age children and their families.


Recent Justice Partners

The Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network (PIIN) is a network of congregations and organizations  committed to drawing together people of faith to act powerfully on local and regional issues of justice and fairness. Through the processes of community-building, working with politicians and policy makers, direct action, and negotiation, PIIN works to transform our communities.

Northside Common Ministries offers many vital community resources to our struggling neighbors including the Northside Community Food Pantry and the Pleasant Valley Men’s Shelter.

CeaseFirePA is working to reduce gun violence and gun tragedies in our communities, stop the flow of illegal guns onto our streets, and keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them.

Jefferson Recreation Center, located at the top of Monterey Street just a few blocks from the front door of our church, has long served the children of our neighborhood. The center operates on a very limited budget from the city, so we funded field trips to local parks and recreation activities.

The Unitarian Universalist Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Network leverages the commitment and skills of over 6,000 UUs and 39 UU congregations in Pennsylvania to raise a loud, effective voice for social justice issues and corresponding legislation in Harrisburg.

Planned Parenthood of Western PA, whose mission is to provide health care, educate about family planning and responsible parenthood, and advocate for public policies that guard rights and access to services.

Working and Healing to Abolish Total Supremacy Undermining Privilege, a Pittsburgh-based collective that is working to end white silence and create a world that is liberated from destructive white privilege and oppression.

Hope Grows restores the lives of those impacted by the role of caregiver and inspires wellness of mind, body, and spirit through the use of counseling, education, retreats, supportive services, and healing and restorative gardens.

Gwen’s Girls works to empower girls and young women to have productive lives through holistic, gender-specific programs, education and experiences.

The Homewood Children’s Village is working to improve the lives of Homewood’s children and to reweave the fabric of the community in which they live. They envision a community of learners in which “Every Child Succeeds.”

Brother’s Brother Foundation responds to humanitarian needs around the globe by providing food, medical supplies, educational materials, and other much-needed assistance. They are currently responding to the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa.

Share the Plate History

Total donations to date have been $26,368 to these 32 justice partners:

January-February 2017 – Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network – $753

November-December 2016 – Northside Common Ministries – $878

September-October 2016 – CeaseFirePA – $709

July-August 2016 – Jefferson Recreation Center – $473

May-June 2016 – Unitarian Universalist Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Network – $580

March-April 2016 – Planned Parenthood of Western PA – $601

January-February 2016 – Working and Healing to Abolish Total Supremacy Undermining Privilege – $728

November-December 2015 – Northside Common Ministries – $728

September-October 2015 – Hope Grows – $585

July-August 2015 – Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network – $440

May-June 2015 – Unitarian Universalist Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Network – $532

March-April 2015 – Gwen’s Girls  – $761

January-February 2015 – Homewood Children’s Village – $640

November-December 2014 – Brother’s Brother Foundation – $892

September-October 2014 – Western PA Humane Society: $519

July-August 2014 – Children’s Table Pittsburgh: $691

May-June 2014 – The Thomas Merton Center and Book’em: $639

March-April 2014 – UU Congregation of Charleston WV: $813

January-February 2014 – American Field Service Global Change Makers Centennial Scholarship Program: $657

November-December 2013 – Young Men’s and Women’s African Heritage Association: $864

September-October 2013 – Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network: $698

July-August 2013 – The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and the Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice:  $569

April-June 2013 – Jefferson Recreation Center: $1,107

January-March 2013 – Dreams of Hope: $1,470

October-December 2012 – Mission Vision: $1,220

July-September 2012 – Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network: $1,119

April-June 2012 – Northside Common Ministries Food Pantry: $1,050

January-March 2012 – Phoenix Witness Project of the Ohio-Meadville District: $1,052

October-December 2011 – Appalachian Voices: $1,266

July-September 2011 – Travelers Aid Society of Pittsburgh: $700

April-June 2011 – Northside Common Ministries: $1,200

December 2010-March 2011  – Jeron Cares: $1,434