Mission, Vision, and Covenant

Our Mission

We are a welcoming, urban congregation that puts Unitarian Universalism into action by celebrating life, nourishing the spirit, and inspiring a commitment to justice.


Our Vision

We will strive toward focusing on what we have in common, while appreciating the different ways to fulfill our mission.
We will honor our history and principles while daring to effect responsible change.
We will become more inclusive and accessible.
We will care for each other and the earth.
We will embrace the synergy between nourishing the spirit and performing our justice work as an urban congregation.


Our Covenant

Unitarian Universalist congregations are held together by covenants around shared values, expectations, and commitments. We make promises to each other about how we will be in relationship together . We do this recognizing that as human beings we make, keep, break, and must renew covenants.

As we seek to build our vision of beloved community, We, the members of Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church, covenant to affirm and promise …

There is Love here.

I will live and embody it.

There is Spirit here.

I will kindle and sustain it.

There is Trust here.

I will build and honor it.

There is Compassion here.

I will embrace and share it.

There is Forgiveness here.

I will give and seek it.

There is Humanity here.

I will accept and celebrate it.

There is Oneness here.

I will recognize and cherish it.

There is Difference here.

I will acknowledge and respect it.

There is Hope here.

I will feed and grow it.

There is Justice here.

I will practice and extend it.

We enter into this Covenant seeking to strengthen our ties to one another and deepen our sense of community.

Our covenant grew out of our experience of church life and a collective writing process. Instead of telling us how to behave it provides us inspiration for right relations and learning to be together in community. Does it resonate for you? Here is a pdf version.