The Minister and the Congregation share responsibility for leadership and ministry. An elected Board of Trustees represents the Congregation and is responsible for managing business affairs. A small staff is employed in critical roles and reports to the Minister who is Chief of Staff. Much of the work is done by lay volunteers serving on standing and temporary committees, teams, and ministries. As a small congregation almost everyone contributes in some way, and the talents of all are utilized to their fullest.


Leadership Team for 2018-19

Minister – Rev. David McFarland

Religious Educator – Marissa Morrison

Office Manager – Betty Schwarz

Board of Trustees – Kate Tomlinson, Sonia Reed, Laura Conkle, Sarah Wade-Smith, Donald Zeilman, Matt Merriman-Preston, Donna Badger Kopnitsky

President – Kate Tomlinson

Vice-President – Sarah Wade-Smith

Treasurer – John Luff

Clerk – Donald Zeilman

Immediate Past President – Greg Blackman

Worship – Rev. David McFarland

Religious Education –

Committee on Ministry –

Inreach and Lay Pastoral Care – Ellen Kerr

Social Justice – Shane Freeman

Stewardship – Tiffany Merriman-Preston

Membership – Jill Breathauer

Finance – Peggy Thompson

Endowment – Eric Meisberger

House – Charlie Snowden

Youth – Sonia Reed